Thursday, 16 July 2009

From geek to chic...

Emma Watson

Emma first auditioned for the film that would change her life when she was just 9yrs old...pretty amazing huh...I think so. She has become fabulously known for her role in Harry Potter, playing the geeky Hermione Granger, but as the end of an era draws closer...what happens next ???

Who knows, but my suspicions lie in fashion somewhere. Something you may not have known about Emma : Her fave designer is Chanel... She clearly has the makings to be oh so fabulous! Emma Watson's transformation from gawky drama student to fashion's newest darling has been nothing short of magical ( as put it..).

As we all know Emma is already known for her love and fashion and increasingly individual style...which she likes to point out is put together by yours truly..she disagrees with having a stylist and apparently if your fabulous enough you clearly don't need one :)

Emma Watson - the girl who has something about her, and something to say, not just a dazziling smile and pretty face.

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